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What is InnoTrade again?
The InnoTrade Program is a foreign validation access platform for helping Hungarian innovative companies & startups test their traction across global ecosystems. We alleviate certain cost constraints that inhibit Hungarian companies from experiencing how their specific industries work abroad. During this helping process, we strive to put companies face to face with those distributors, manufacturers, opinion leaders and investors that best fit their specific needs. We build value around anchor events. We are not a travel agency.
Am I eligible to apply?
If you believe that you posess an interesting innovation, have a global vision, have a prototype ready to go and if you'e not afraid to explain it all in English, hit us up!
Can I only apply to those events listed on the site?
No. We believe in a demand driven model. If you didn't find an event that meets your specific company needs, no worries, just request an event that would be a better fit for you. Surprise us! We'll consider them case by case. Our priority is to help you where we best can.
How can I apply?
Simply complete the Application Form in the 'Apply' tab and upload your one pager, pitch deck and other required documents. Be as concise as possible so we can better understand how to help you abroad. We'll get back to you with more details as soon as possible following the expiration of the deadline dates.
To how many events can I apply?
Don't spray and pray! Select or Request only those events that you truly believe your company would benefit from. We can only help one company attend a maximum of two events per year, but we are always available to help connect you with other international players or give you guidance advice. Just drop us a line.
When am I notified if I won?
Following the expiry of the deadline dates, we notify you by email as soon as possible, depending on the number of applicants and time until the given event. If you don't hear from us within 5 days of the deadline's expiry, call/write us.
How many winners are there?
It always varies. We negotiate each event access opportunity on a case by case basis with our international partners and in accordance to the demand of the applicants. Don't be sad if you were not chosen for the particular event, as oftentimes we may contact you to recommend another event that may be a better fit for your company's focus.

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